Probes, Spectrometers and Chemical Test Kits

A Preliminary Corporate Profile

HANNA SA has appointed wetTEST as their exclusive Regional Distributors for the Eastern Cape. As in the past, the Regional Hanna Distributor will supply Hanna Product direct to users and consumers as well as to local Laboratory Suppliers.
wetTEST is a newly formed, specialised, water test equipment supply organisation. As you can see from the Corporation's registration number that starts with 2009 indicating that the corporation did not exist during the previous financial year. It therefore qualifies to be considered "An Exempted Micro Enterprise" for BEE purposes.


Please note that ALL Warranty problems with Hanna products will be attended to by wetTEST REGARDLESS OF WHO SUPPLIED THE ORIGINAL PRODUCT. All that will be required is a copy of the original Invoice showing the supply date so that we can verify that the item in question is still under Warranty.


In the event that your older Hanna instrument requires repairs or servicing please contact us. We can help.


As wetTEST was only formed during 2009 (See first 4 digits of our Registration number 2009/... ) this organisation has no sales history and therefore should be considered as a fully BEE compliant organisation as our turnover was obviously less than R5m during the previous (non existent) financial year.